• How to Access More Gratitude

    In order to genuinely feel gratitude, sometimes you need to address and clear out what’s blocking you from feeling it in the first place. Sadly, in our swipe and like culture, competition and comparison are on the rise. It’s no secret that social media creates an addictive cycle of short-term dop... View Post
  • Um...Equal Rights Doesn't Exist?

    Who’s heard of the Equal Rights Amendment?     The one that’s meant to give women legal equal rights constitutionally?   Yeah, that’s the one.   Well, most people think the ERA passed back in the early 1970’s – back when feminism was in a steady rise and a huge push went towards the ER... View Post
  • Aroma Therapy: Yoni Smells + Overcome Shame

    Aroma therapy and how loving my own scent helped me have better sex. I want women to smell their underwear everyday. Why? Because….I overcame shame and learned to love myself by getting high off my own supply. Many women recoil at the smell of their vagina, I know, I was one of them for many year... View Post
  • 12 Step Program for Feeling Worthy AF

    Believe Forgive Meditate Celebrate! Self-Care Nourish Listen Affirm Gratitude Share Connect Play   Okay, but some key questions about self-worth….. What exactly is it? How do you know you have it? How can you tell when you don’t? What can you do to cultivate it?   Our current model o... View Post
  • Self Love & The Vagina Brain

    Why is loving your Yoni so important? Because how you feel about your Yoni is how you feel about yourself! Your Yoni is a doorway into YOU - into your consciousness, your feelings, your dreams, and your aspirations as a woman. New science shows us that a woman's brain is directly connected her Yo... View Post
  • Build Confidence With Vagina Dance

    Free your body and build confidence vagina dance.   Dance classes are great.   They can be an amazing way to connect to ourselves, let off steam and straight up celebrate life. However, too often it is actually the case that they make us feel disconnected from our own bodies. Most girls rarely cu... View Post
  • Feel More Pleasure With "Micro Moments"

    Micro-moments of Pleasure    So you want to experience more pleasure! In the bedroom and in general. Well, without adding anything to your hectic schedule, you can start bringing more juice into your life right away by noticing “micro-moments” of pleasure that are already happening.  Please... View Post
  • This Boy Loves Girl Power

    Watch a brother and sister bond over girl power, confidence, and their love of My Little Yoni! Subscribe for more #Yoniverse content. View Post