• STDs at an All Time High – How Yoni Magic Can Help

    In the midst of our crowdfunding efforts to support comprehensive sex education, the CDC has released a report that reemphasizes how much this education is needed. For the sixth consecutive year, reported cases of the sexually transmitted diseases chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis in the U.S. hi... View Post
  • Yoni Magic: A Groundbreaking Way to Tackle Sex Ed

    ANNOUNCING: A groundbreaking new book series to help parents better prepare their kids with comprehensive sex ed. This new 10 book series provides doctor-approved information on a variety of topics that are vital to healthy development that you can’t count on sex ed in schools to provide.   Sex e... View Post
  • Why Parents Need to Share Self-Pleasure with their Daughters

    “Dear My Little Yoni,   Should I talk to my daughter about masturbation? I worry about sharing this information with her too early! I can tell she has become more curious about her body, but I don’t know if she’s ready for that conversation. Really, I don’t know if I’M READY for this talk!” - Geo... View Post
  • Dear My Little Yoni: What Do I Need to Know About Cervical Health?

    “Dear My Little Yoni,   My daughter, Sammy, has her very first gynecologist appointment coming up. I worry because she’s only 13, and I didn’t have my first gyno visit until I was 21. I’m not sure how to explain to her why these visits are necessary and that she can feel comfortable with the doct... View Post
  • Midwives, Nurses, & OBGYN's (Oh My!)

    A history of the over-medicalization of birth and the female body.   Society often paints midwives as spiritual, non-academic women, who are ill-equipped for the real dangers of childbirth. From sitcoms, to celebrity reporting, having a midwife or doula present for your birth can be seen as ‘wo... View Post
  • 10 Reasons to Thank Your Yoni This Month

    1. Every Yoni is Beautiful.  Like a great work of art, vulvas are each unique, gorgeous masterpieces. And for centuries, Yonis have been literal inspirations great artwork, serving as creative muses for all sorts of artists like sculptors and painters. You can walk into a museum and see dozens an... View Post
  • Remembering Betty Dodson – The Leading Pioneer of Self-Pleasure

    As a superhero that prides herself on sharing vulva love and education, I owe a great deal to the self-love pioneer, Betty Dodson. She passed away, October 31st, 2020, and yet her legacy lives on more powerfully than ever. Betty Dodson was an artist, author, and PhD sexologist, becoming one of th... View Post
  • The Shame-Free Future of Sex Ed

    What experience did you have with sex education? Did you come out feeling the joy of finally understanding your body? If you live in America, you’ll almost certainty say, no. The curriculum of most subjects taught in the U.S.A. strive to be enriching and accurate, with the goal of giving students... View Post