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  • Cervical Health Awareness Month: 5 Things You Need to Know

    Table of Contents: Cervical Health Awareness Month: Understanding Cervical Cancer Common Symptoms of Cervical Cancer Importance of Cervical Screenings for You and your Daughter How to Prepare Your Teen for her First Gynaecological Visits How to Ease Your Teen’s Nerves What to Expect ... View Post
  • STDs are on the rise: How Yoni Magic Can Help

    Chlamydia, gonorrheal infections, and syphilis are all STDs that affect many people. There were 2.5 million reported cases of these STDs reported in 2019. Half of those occurred among adolescents and young adults ages 15-24. Young people are at a higher risk of contracting these STDs and it’s no ... View Post
  • Are you ready to talk about the M Word?

    Dear My Little Yoni, What's the 'M' Word? How to talk to your kids about Masturbation? I worry about sharing this information with her too early! I can tell she has become more curious about her body, but I don't know if she's ready for that conversation. Really, I don't know if I'm READY for thi... View Post
  • Dear My Little Yoni: How do I help my daughter to love her Vulva?

    “Dear My Little Yoni,   My daughter just told me she wants labiaplasty! I don’t even understand where she got this idea from, but she is begging me for this surgery to alter her genitals. She’s only 16! Should I let her do it? How can I convince her she’s perfect just as she is!”  -Amanda   Dear ... View Post
  • Dear My Little Yoni: What Do I Need to Know About Cervical Health?

    “Dear My Little Yoni,   My daughter, Sammy, has her very first gynecologist appointment coming up. I worry because she’s only 13, and I didn’t have my first gyno visit until I was 21. I’m not sure how to explain to her why these visits are necessary and that she can feel comfortable with the doct... View Post
  • Let's talk about Female body anatomy!

    A history of the over-medicalization of birth and the female body anatomy.   Society often paints midwives as spiritual, non-academic women, who are ill-equipped for the real dangers of childbirth. From sitcoms, to celebrity reporting, having a midwife or doula present for your birth can be se... View Post
  • Girl Self-Pleasure & Sexual Health

    Learn why girl self-pleasure and creating positive relationships to your body is a priority for your sexual health! View Post
  • Self Love & The Vagina Brain

    Why is loving your Yoni so important? Because how you feel about your Yoni is how you feel about yourself! Your Yoni is a doorway into YOU - into your consciousness, your feelings, your dreams, and your aspirations as a woman. New science shows us that a woman's brain is directly connected her Yo... View Post