Who is My Little Yoni? 

My Little Yoni is the world’s first vulva superhero on a mission to create a safe, shame-free world for our youth by providing early, accurate sex education.

My Little Yoni


Where did My Little Yoni come from? 


The concept for MLY first came to our founder in a dream. In Ariél’s description of her dream, “I was in the ‘Yoniverse’ and all these Yoni characters were flying around me, having the best time ever. Full of color and joy. I couldn’t stop thinking about these flying Yonis and started sketching out designs. I decided to make the original art dallas in Bali. Not only is Bali a predominately Hindu island, which the lineage of the word Yoni, but it’s also a place full of skilled, ceremonially minded artisans.


What is MLY all about? 

My Little Yoni is all about connection and making difficult conversations easier and fun. Through our educational content and products, we help parents empower their children with accurate, positive sex education.


How does a character help create change? 


My Little Yoni brings women’s topics to the forefront of the conversation. Imagine having  MLY in your office, and having conversations around cycle awareness with your colleagues. Or having her in your living room as a source of honest conversations with friends about the importance of embodiment and play. Many parents utilize MLY as a tool to teach kids about anatomy and sex in a shame-free way.  My Little Yoni helps us strip away taboos surrounding vulvas and replace them with a narrative that drives positivity, education, and purpose.


What are kids learning in USA schools when it comes to sex-ed? 

  • Only 29 states require sex education.
  • Only 23 require it to be medically accurate. 
  • Only 7 states require consent education to be part of the curriculum.
  • Only 9 states require LGBTQ+ matters to be included. 

This is just a quick snapshot of how lacking our sex education requirements are in the U.S. We have no federal requirements and the government is prone to waste billions of dollars on abstinence education programs, which have consistently been proven to be ineffective. On top of all this, the sex-ed programs that are offered, it’s usually for middle school or high school, when comprehensive sex-ed really should begin much earlier in childhood.

Should sex ed be taught as early as preschool years?

Yes. As children learn to walk and talk, they also begin to learn about their bodies. Open the door to sex ed by teaching your child the proper names for his or her sex organs, perhaps during bath time. If your child points to a body part, simply tell him or her what it is with accurate anatomical terms. This is also a good time to talk about which parts of the body are private.

Yoni Magic: The Spectacular Truth  

Introduce kids to body confidence while teaching them accurate, assigned-male anatomy! Learn more by reading our book "Yoni Magic: The Spectacular Truth" (Ages 3-5+).

Yoni Magic: The Amazing Truth

If you want to transform an uncomfortable topic into a world of superheroes and vulva celebration, "Yoni Magic: The Amazing Truth" will be your practical and fun guide helps parents give their daughters accurate female anatomy in a shame-free format (Ages 3-5+).


What is Yoni Magic? 

Yoni Magic is both the title of our original 10 book series and the superpowers of My Little Yoni to educate and empower. This magic isn’t always known by humans, and can lead to misconceptions and problems such as shame, negativity, and embarrassment about the vulva. My Little Yoni wrote the Yoni Magic book series covering all the important topics kids need for healthy sexual development. The Yoni Magic book series was one of Kickstarter's staff-picked "projects we love" and raised 200% over its initial fundraising goals, showcasing the need for this doctor-approved book series.

Sex ed book - Yoni Magic Series

Go to our shop now to purchase the entire book now, and for every book series sold, one book is donated to a child in need. 


What does MLY sell/provide? 

MLY currently sells one-of-a-kind handmade dolls which serve as a centerpiece for Yoniverse insiders, collectible bag charms which will enable Yoniverse insiders to wear Yoni Pride, and our original Yoni Pride ‘Funglasses.’  Additionally, MLY offers to empower comprehensive sex education through our book series.

Why should sex education be taught at home?

Where state education programs fail, online porn often fills in the gaps, and kids ‘learn’ about sex from the internet rather than caring adults in their life that they can trust. This means that unless parents take matters into their own hands, kids are not receiving the education they need. That’s why we are passionate about making these conversations easier for parents and supporting them with resources to provide their kids with sex-ed directly inside the home.

What is your Current Focus/Goal?

We aim to provide 1 million families with accessible, accurate, positive sex education that helps the next generation develop healthy sexuality and relationships. We deliver this content through our groundbreaking, doctor-approved, 10-book series, which supports parents in raising the next generation with medically accurate, shame-free education.

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