What is a ‘Yoni’? 

A vagina or more accurately a vulva! 

Why ‘Yoni’? 

This Sanskrit term translated to English means “Sacred Gateway.” No word seems more appropriate for the gate life comes through.

Who is My Little Yoni? 

A playful, open, honest, colorful and inspiring super hero from a parallel universe called the Yoniverse. 

What is the Yoniverse? 

A future and parallel place where Self-Knowledge, Play, Education, Connecting Women (to themselves, each other and the world) are the foundation of a happier, healthier world. 

How do you play with your (My Little) Yoni? ;)

There are tons of ways to play with My Little Yoni! We recommend that the emphasis be on joy, play and pleasure! She adds delight to any moment. My Little Yoni loves to dance, so consider having her in tow for a female forward night out on the town! She’s the best selfie partner ever. Her presence busts up taboos, so make her part of sensitive conversations on topics such as female pleasure, periods, pregnancy, menopause and more. She’s an advocate for self-love and teaches girls to have pride in and care of their bodies. My Little Yoni, love to connect, and is a perfect support for any moment, environment or conversation be them joyful or challenging. 

Where did My Little Yoni come from? 

My Little Yoni first appeared in a dream. 

What is MLY all about? 

My Little Yoni is all about connecting women to themselves, each other and the planet, through joy, education, pleasure and play. Through our educational content and products, we help parents empower their children through positive sex education. 

What is the purpose of MLY? 

To create a safer world for women as a symbol of connection, vulva education, and pride. 

How does a character help create change? 

My Little Yoni brings women’s topics to the forefront of the conversation. Imagine having a MLY in your office, and having conversations around cycle awareness with your colleagues. Or having her in your living room as a source of honest conversations with friends about the importance of pleasure and play. Or imagine utilizing her as a tool to teach kids about anatomy and sex in a shame-free way. My Little Yoni helps us strip away taboos surrounding vaginas and replace them with a narrative that drives positivity, play and progress.

I’m a dude. How does that work?

At My Little Yoni we have male fans, advisors, supporters and investors. They understand that playful, progressive messaging about the vagina isn’t just for women - we must partner together to create a positive future.  That’s why MLY’s initial content – which has been met by praise from everyone ranging from fortune 500 CEOs, celebrities, parents, educational psychologists, educators and more—features kids of all genders, discussing the role of My Little Yoni as a new super hero. 

We believe that normalizing the vagina early in life in non-sexualized contexts helps all genders relate to each other in adolescence and beyond in a healthy, informed manner.  My Little Yoni’s goal is to change the current narrative of disempowerment and shame to one of play, joy and self-love.

Along with our male allies, we have developed strong perspectives on why healthy partnerships between the sexes - which starts with positive education - must be part of the post #MeToo culture. These are issues that affect all of us and as such, it’s important that both women AND men talk about the solutions.

What causes does MLY work with? 

Presently MLY supports Planned Parenthood through in-kind donations equaling 10% of profits.  

Who is MLY for? 

My Little Yoni is for everyone who loves women. Including boys of all ages.  

Who is part of the Yoniverse? 

Those who have chosen to leave fear behind in favor of choosing to celebrate and honor the women in their life. 

Does MLY provide any educational programs or side projects? 

MLY currently provides free access edutainment via YouTube on topics around sexual health and well-being, pleasure, intimacy, life stages, periods and more. Additionally, My Little Yoni creates products to help parents empower their children through body-positive education. For more information, check out our Yoni Magic book series. 

Does MLY have other ways for me to get involved other than purchasing? 

YES! MLY offers affiliates partnerships to brands & influencers who wish to be ambassadors & champions of connecting & empowering women.  We’re also working on a MLY educator program so YOU can take the spirit of MLY into your community. 

What does MLY sell/provide? 

MLY currently sells one-of-a-kind handmade dolls which serve as a centerpiece for Yoniverse insiders, for $50/doll, and collectible bag charms which will enable Yoniverse insiders to wear Yoni Pride, for $22/charm.  Additionally, MLY offers empowering comprehensive sex education through our book series, Yoni Magic. We also have a collection of tee shirts, stickers, prints and greetings cards available all centered on the world’s first vagina super hero with new innovative vulva care products launching in late 2020. 

Where is MLY based? 

Los Angeles, CA USA. 

Celebrities or influencers who have their own MLY 

Willow Smith, Shay Mitchell, Paris Hilton, Oprah, Emma Watson, Eve Ensler, Rosario Dawson, Erykah Badu, Jasmine Villegas, Damian Elwes and more!