Meet Our Team

Ariel Saint White, Founder of MyLittleYoni

Ariel Saint White


Artist and entrepreneur, Ariel Saint White, has reached audiences from more than 30 countries with her unique ideas. Founder of the sexual wellness company, My Little Yoni, (the world’s first vulva superhero!) Ariel partners with top OBGYNs to break down taboos and give parents & kids quality, body-positive education. Her 10 book sex ed series has been featured in Entrepreneur and is lauded by parents as a solution to making ‘the talk’ easier and more approachable.

Whether set on the stage, a wall, the screen, or the page, Ariel’s art focuses on the themes of eros, female sovereignty, and connecting with nature in the technological age.​ Her collaborative work, edifying real love stories, has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network and commissioned by leading entrepreneurs and celebrities.

Angel investor and advisor for innovative companies and founders, Ariel supports projects ranging from remote engineering, clean energy, longevity, land conservation, organic f&b, eco-fashion, plastic-free body care, fem tech, and sexual wellness.

As a volunteer, Ariel has raised over 2M for non-profit initiatives ranging from climate justice, criminal justice reform, earth based education, ending violence against women and more.

Ariel lives between Montana and LA with her husband and son, enjoying both freediving and songwriting as hobbies.

Ariel's MLY Mission

Creating systemic change at the root level, beginning with moms and kids, so that youth grow up feeling safe, empowered and joyful in their bodies.


Dr. Debra Wickman, OBGYNE Expert_mylittleyoni

Dr. Debra Wickman

OBGYN Expert

Debra Wickman is a visionary and leading OBGYN, keynoting medical conferences with her breakthrough insights. She has morphed her 25-year career as a medical doctor – obstetrician/gynecologist into a one-of-a-kind, cutting edge exploration into helping women with sexual issues: sexual pain, low desire, and all types of sub-optimal sexual function.

She is an academic clinician, sexuality counselor, public speaker, researcher, author and emerging entrepreneur. She loves working with women both one-on-one, and in workshop settings, to improve self-image and sexual intention starting with shifting their mindset.

Dr. Wickman's Personal Mission

Frustrated by the lack of resources for women with sexual pain, low desire, lack of confidence, I realized that achieving academic credentials was important, and that I also needed real-world information. I completed a fellowship in Female Sexual Medicine at UCLA; participated in experiential women’s workshops all over the world, and explored the range of sexuality teachings and philosophies.

This work has led me to help my dear friend Ariel White on her mission, and fight to create education and a more positive world for the next generation.


Sydney Nation, Content Lead of My Little Yoni

Sydney Nation

Content Lead

Born and raised in San Diego, CA, Sydney found herself surrounded by women who inspired her to continue her education. She received her bachelor's degree in Film and Digital Media from the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she worked hard to create socially conscious theater, comedy, and film. Now, at My Little Yoni, Sydney combines her passion for social justice, comedy, and film, to create educational, fun, and uplifting content for the Yoni Gang!

Sydney's Personal Mission

It’s clear that we aren’t teaching young girls enough about their bodies, sexuality, & pleasure; and in the end, it creates a culture where women hate their bodies and feel disconnected. I hope My Little Yoni grows to help generations upon generations of women and end the negative attitudes towards females, their bodies, and their sexuality. That’s the ultimate win!