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The Rose Woman

My Little Yoni: Changing the Body Story for Our Girls with Ariel Saint White

This week on the Rose Woman Podcast, we welcome Ariel Saint White, Founder of My Little Yoni (the world’s first vulva superhero!) Ariel's vision is to break down taboos and give parents & kids quality, body-positive education.

Get Real Parental Coaching

Ariél Saint White talks about Sex Education and the Vulva

This is a fantastic chat with Ariél Saint White, talking all things Sex Ed and why parents find it so difficult to talk to their children about sex.

The Preschool Podcast

The crucial role parents and educators play in children’s early sex education

This week on The Preschool Podcast, we are excited to chat with Ariél Saint White, Founder of My Little Yoni. We discuss the crucial role parents and educators play in children’s early sex education and the importance of having these conversations progressively over time as children grow up. LISTEN HERE

More Than Mothers Podcast
@arielsaintwhite, founder of My Little Yoni, had a LIVE conversation with @morethanamotherpodcast / @lawannmoses. Ariel talks about anatomy, sex Ed, & body positivity for kids. LISTEN HERE
Parenting Beyond Discipline

Sex Positive Parenting with Ariel Saint White

What do you do when your toddler is playing with their private parts? How do you answer questions about sex, private parts, puberty and more? How do you prepare your child for puberty, dating and beyond? We have you covered in this episode!

Sex and Happiness - Laurie Handlers

My Little Yoni

Laurie interviews Ariel White, the founder of My Little Yoni, the world’s first vagina super hero, creating a more positive world for girls through art, humor and education.


Sex, Psychics & Psychedelics Podcast

The World’s first Vagina superhero

Jane talks to Ariel about her work with "My Little Yoni", a progressive sex ed platform for kids. Now, let's dive in!

Miraculous Mamas Podcast

Creating Sex Positive Conversations with Your Kids with Ariel Saint White

Ariel’s passion is breaking down taboos and giving parents & kids quality, body-positive education. Her leading sex educator and OBGYN approved 10 book series, Yoni Magic, has been featured in Entrepreneur and is lauded by parents as a solution to making ‘the talk’ easier and more approachable.

You, The Mother

Making Sex-Ed Easier with Ariel Saint White

Ariels shares the importance of parents having open conversations with their kids in connection with the broken state of sex-ed in the US. Are you needing some guidance to talk to your kids about sex-ed?

Good Moms Bad Choices:

My Little Vagina Stuffed Animal

Together they discuss how early introductions to women’s magic gateways can combat toxic masculinity and why conversations about women’s anatomy can potentially change the way women view themselves and how boys and men view women and sex.

Ignite Intimacy

My Little Yoni, Self Lovership + Sexual Sovereignty with Ariel White

Tune in as Ariel and I dive deep into the new archetype of the Post Patriarchal Woman, Self Lovership, Relational Fluidity, Masculine + Feminine and Sexual Sovereignty.

Opt Out LIfe


This is the story of Ariel White. She is a creative hustler who has found the perfect balance of work and serenity in the hills of Topanga Canyon.