My Little Yoni's mission is to help parents empower their children with shame-free, age-appropriate comprehensive sex education and accurate anatomy. We give parents and guardians resources to help them talk to their kids directly, making the process easier and fun.

Why? Because sex education in the United States is broken. Only 17 states require medically accurate sex ed, and only 7 states require topics like consent to be covered. The Federal government wastes billions of dollars funding abstinence-only education programs that have been proven ineffective and can even be harmful. The United States also has one of the highest known teenage pregnancy rates in developed countries.

When we understand the problem, it's easier to band together to create the solution.  Having the resources, like the 10 book sex ed Yoni Magic series, inside the home helps parents directly provide their kids with quality sex ed. All kids deserve to have a proper sex education, which is why we are committed to providing as many at risk families as possible with our books for free.