My Little Yoni is the world’s first vagina superhero here to smash shame monsters and champion girls’ self-knowledge. Originating from the Yoniverse, Lil’ Yo is on a mission to create a more positive world for girls through art, humor, and education. Embracing female-forward causes, she travels with girls throughout life’s adventures while providing support, honest insight and guidance on topics including periods, consent, confidence, puberty, hormones, self-worth, hygiene, self-care, pleasure and more. 

My Little Yoni helps parents empower their children with shame-free, age-appropriate sex ed and female self-care. As a superhero she fights for positive and scientifically accurate education; helping children and parents understand & celebrate their bodies. In addition to our advisory board, with sex-ed educators, child psychologists, and progressive parents, My Little Yoni is OBGYN approved, so you know you’re getting accurate shame-free education. Lil' Yo makes sensitive conversations easier and more fun whether it’s through her iconic, collectible charms and dolls or her beloved Yoni Magic book series. 

Lil’ Yo creates a world where women and girls know how to care for their vulvas, boys grow up educated and respectful and everyone knows how to appreciate and honor the source of life. With groundbreaking products and education, My Little Yoni supports parents to raise the next generation with accurate, shame-free, positive messaging that can help lay a foundation for healthy sexual development. 

As a caused-based organization, every sale helps kids get free education and our bi-annual Charity Charms initiative raise money and awareness for organizations on the front lines of ending gender-based discrimination. Join the Yoni Gang to connect with a global community of shame smashing superheroes like you!