Meet My Little Yoni

Dear Parents of Earth,  

Are you nervous about passing shame to your children in the process of talking with them about their ‘private parts’? Are you looking for a way to talk to your daughter about her changing body BEFORE she’s a teenager? Are you trying to find a way to help your son grow into a man that respects women and female bodies?  

You're not alone. Most parents dread “The Talk.”

But most parents don’t have the quality tools to help make “The Talk” a positive and easy process for both themselves and their kids.  

Well, my name is My Little Yoni, and I’m the world’s first vulva superhero! When it comes to making sensitive topics easy and fun to talk about, I’m your family’s new best friend! Until now, there’s never been an educational superhero—beloved by all ages—to help parents talk to their children about these crucial topics.  

From talking to hundreds of moms, I know most all of you want your children to have a better time learning sex ed than you did! Rightly so, there are many fears parents have about sex ed. You want your kids to get proper education and understand the risks that come with being sexually active, but you don’t want to transfer shame and fear onto them. It’s also normal for parents to be worried about being too honest with their kids and having that lead to over-sexualization and engaging in sexual activity too early. However, I’m here to tell you that the BEST THING you can do for your kids is be honest! That means naming body parts, including genitals! Giving your kids accurate anatomy and sex ed from a young age allows them to make healthier connections to their bodies and sexuality. In fact, giving your kids early comprehensive sex ed actually DECREASES the chances of them engaging in sexual activity too early. Don’t believe me? The research proves it!  

Once adults get over their own embarrassment, they generally find that kids are easy to talk to. Children are naturally curious and open to learning. If your child is between 2-5, then using My Little Yoni products to teach them about their bodies is the same as saying “that’s a truck!” or “that’s the sun.” When we keep this information from our children, or talk about it in hushed tones—differently than how you talk about other topics—children get the message that “this is something to be ashamed of.” If you wait to talk about it, the conversation only gets harder as they get older. Kids learn subliminal and direct information about sex, sexuality, and bodies from TV, friends, movies, music, pornography, and more. These sources give kids an incorrect view of what these topics are, and they’re usually clouded in shame and taboo. As a loving, safe and trustable adult, don’t YOU want to be the one to teach your kids about these topics? 

Everything I share with you is approved by leading OBGYN’s, educational psychologists and sex educators. As a superhero, I’m here to make your life easier. As a non-sexualized vulva character, I help normalize female anatomy and travel with your kids through the adventure of growing up, from pre-k to puberty! My name, Yoni, is an empowering and ancient word. Vagina means “sheath for a sword,” in Latin and it’s typically misused when people mean to refer to the vulva. Yoni means “sacred gateway,” and refers to the entire vulva. Using the term Yoni to help kids relate to the vulva as the important & sacred gateway it is will help create a culture that respects and honors the vulva. Plus, the word Yoni is fun to say! Try shouting it from the rooftops sometime or the next time you're posing for a photo – I know I do 😊  

By utilizing me and my educational materials—you can support your daughter to:  

  • Feel proud of her body. 
  • Understand her vulva without feeling shame. 
  • Be in charge of her own body and explore it on her own terms in privacy. 
  • Avoid confusion and societal misinformation. 
  • Learn how to create healthy boundaries. 
  • Understand medically-accurate information about how her body works. 
  • Feel safe, knowing she can ask you questions and talk to you.  

      And if you’re a Boy Mom, my education is for you too! You can support your son to:  

      • Normalize and destigmatize the vulva. 
      • Gain empathy and understanding towards people with vulvas. 
      • Learn medically accurate female anatomy. 
      • Learn about consent & establishing healthy boundaries. 
      • Establish that a woman’s body is hers and hers alone. 
      • Avoid the impact of toxic ideology learned from pornography and society. 
      • Create safety and honesty, knowing he can ask you questions  

          You can give your kids a better sex education than you had. You can start today by signing up for our free resources or purchasing our Yoni Magic Series & charm bundles. Allow me to be a playful & positive presence that makes sensitive conversations easier & fun. I offer educational content, collectible products, and as a cause-based organization, you can rest assured that every sale goes towards providing education and resources for children & parents in need.  


          Welcome to the #YoniGang! 


          My Little Yoni