Sex Ed Books: Yoni Magic


My Little Yoni was founded by Ariel Saint White, with help from top OBGYN, Dr. Debra Wickman, with the goal of eliminating shame surrounding the vulva. After talking to hundreds of parents and seeing how much they struggle having conversations with their kids related to anatomy and sex, we expanded our mission to include comprehensive sex ed for families nationwide. That's how My Little Yoni became the first superhero who makes difficult conversations easier and fun, all while busting shame and celebrating the life giving magic of Yonis.

"It’s no secret that sex ed in America is broken, and has long been the basis of an ideological tug-of-war. Fewer students receive comprehensive sex education in the US now than at any time in the past 20 years. With only 17 states requiring that information to be accurate, much is left up to interpretation and information gleaned from anything found on the internet — including porn. " (Entrepreneur Magazine)

Sex-ed in America particularly fails women, whose bodies and sexuality are typically surrounded by shame and confusion. "What if sex and female anatomy were normalized in childhood, girls grew up with an understanding of the changes in their bodies, boys recognized that the female body was to be respected, and consent was embedded within the fiber of our society?" (Entrepreneur Magazine)

"By providing accessible, doctor-approved sex education and tools to moms and kids, My Little Yoni aims to create systemic change at the root level, providing parents and children with comprehensive sex ed that empowers better choices and shame-free development." (Entrepreneur Magazine) My Little Yoni has completed writing a 10-book series covering all the topics kids usually don’t learn about until it’s too late including: accurate anatomy, consent, periods, how babies are made, LGBTQ+, and more. 

As a non-profit fueled by donations from caring donors, My Little Yoni shares free education to our online community of 10,000 and is beloved by sex educators, OBGYNs, psychologists and parents alike! We want to expand this impact by bringing this important 10 book series to the world adding to our suite of empowering products, which already include handmade art dolls and collectible charms. The Yoni Magic book series will help empower families across the country, and for series purchased, one book is donated to a family in need.