Self Love & The Vagina Brain

Why is loving your Yoni so important?

Because how you feel about your Yoni is how you feel about yourself!

Your Yoni is a doorway into YOU - into your consciousness, your feelings, your dreams, and your aspirations as a woman.

New science shows us that a woman's brain is directly connected her Yoni through pelvic innervation (the distribution of nerves from the brain, in this case, down to the pelvis.)

What's even more interesting is that EVERY woman is wired completely uniquely!

That's right, no two women are alike in terms of how their brains are wired to their yonis which also means no two women's pleasure map it quite the same.

Some women have more nerve endings bundled by their clitoris, others have more capacity for pleasure by their anus, others still have a lot of nerves wiring to their g spots.

This tangibly illustrates why each woman's pleasure map is unique to her and hopefully shows you why it's important for women to get to know (and LOVE) their own yonis!

It's excellent when we have present, caring, attentive sexual partners…

however we should NEVER place our pleasure solely in the hands of someone else.

If you take the time to get to know (and develop) your own pleasure map, the chances of you having a satisfying sex life with someone else - and being able to guide your partner into an experience of mutual satisfaction - is much higher!

Rather than the blind leading the blind, or the drunk leading the drunk…

How about self-actualized, positive pleasure-seekers leading the way towards more openness, communication, and sensual fulfillment in the bedroom?

More sensual fulfillment is possible. And it all begins with you and loving your Yoni.

Show your Yoni even more love by toting the My Little Yoni superhero around with you.

She's a constant reminder of your feminine power and encourages you to always put her first.