• Internet Danger: Child Protection Tips

    In today's digital age, children are increasingly exposed to various online dangers, including the widespread availability of explicit adult content.  For young kids, under 8, accidentally encountering pornographic material can be confusing or distressing. At worst, it can be harmful.  Older kids... View Post
  • 3 Important Sex Positive Parenting Lessons

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  • How to Handle Your Child's First Crush

    "Dear My Little Yoni, I recently asked my second-grade son about crushes in his class. He told me about a few of his classmate crushes, including his own, and he also made it clear that there were some he couldn’t tell me about because he had been sworn to secrecy. I respected his secrets and di... View Post
  • Educate kids on Gender Identity this International Pronouns Day

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  • I caught my Kid Masturbating- 4 things parents need to know

    Even though masturbating in childhood is normal and age-appropriate, seeing your kid masturbating can be confusing to know how to handle it as a parent.    Developmental experts and child educators agree - child masturbation is normal and age-appropriate behaviour. What’s unnatural is not mastur... View Post
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