• Remembering Betty Dodson – The Leading Pioneer of Self-Pleasure

    As a superhero that prides herself on sharing vulva love and education, I owe a great deal to the self-love pioneer, Betty Dodson. She passed away, October 31st, 2020, and yet her legacy lives on more powerfully than ever. Betty Dodson was an artist, author, and PhD sexologist, becoming one of th... View Post
  • The Shame-Free Future of Sex Ed

    What experience did you have with sex education? Did you come out feeling the joy of finally understanding your body? If you live in America, you’ll almost certainty say, no. The curriculum of most subjects taught in the U.S.A. strive to be enriching and accurate, with the goal of giving students... View Post
  • Self-Pleasure & Sexual Health

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  • Why Self-Care is an Important Part of Breastfeeding

    photo via: @spiritysol  As a mother, it often feels impossible to put time aside for yourself, especially while you’re breastfeeding! Even though breastfeeding has health benefits for both mom and baby, it’s as important as ever to practice self-care and focus on your own well-being. Meredith Fe... View Post
  • Happy PRIDE Month from the Founder of MLY

    June is PRIDE month!! And at MLY we say “ooooo yeah!” to LOVE in all it’s forms! To celebrate, we interviewed our founder, Ariel Saint White, who’s identified as LGBTQ since she was young.  What’s your favorite part of PRIDE? For me, the best part of LGBTQ is celebrating love and ... View Post
  • The Real History of Black Lives Matter and What You Can Do

    As a brand inclusivity is ingrained in our DNA, and it's no secret that I care for life deeply. And one of the many reasons my crew celebrates vulvas is because they are the gateway to life! In these times, we all need to make a stand for black lives, regardless of your background.      Go watch... View Post
  • Finding Joy in the Midst of Covid19

    By Sydney Nation I’ve been Social Distancing for about two weeks. I’m not going to lie to you all, it’s been a little challenging. Sure, the idea of staying home 24/7 was amazing, and I understand so many people are not given the same opportunity to stay home like me. But going into Shelter in Pl... View Post
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