• Happy PRIDE Month from the Founder of MLY

    June is PRIDE month!! And at MLY we say “ooooh yeah!” to LOVE in all its forms! To celebrate, we interviewed our founder, Ariel Saint White, who’s identified as LGBTQ since she was young.   What’s your favorite part of PRIDE? For me, the best part of LGBTQ is celebrating love and sexuality in al... View Post
  • The Real History of Black Lives Matter and What You Can Do

    As a brand inclusivity is ingrained in our DNA, and it's no secret that I care for life deeply. And one of the many reasons my crew celebrates vulvas is because they are the gateway to life! In these times, we all need to make a stand for black lives, regardless of your background.      Go watch... View Post
  • Finding Joy in the Midst of Covid19

    By Sydney Nation I’ve been Social Distancing for about two weeks. I’m not going to lie to you all, it’s been a little challenging. Sure, the idea of staying home 24/7 was amazing, and I understand so many people are not given the same opportunity to stay home like me. But going into Shelter in Pl... View Post
  • How Does Porn Effect Kids?

    Read this amazing guest post by Cath Hakanson, founder of Sex Ed Rescue, as she details how porn really effects our kids. View Post
  • Marching To Be Heard

    The Women’s March is upon us again and I for one am incredibly excited! My history with the women’s march dates back to 3 years ago when I went to my first Women’s March in Santa Cruz CA, where I was attending college. My friends and I had all decided we needed to march, and rather than drive 3 h... View Post
  • Strength in Sisterhood

    Strengthening female friendships and bonds allows us us to yonite and rise together. View Post
  • How to Stay Grounded During the Holidays

    It's easy to get swept into the unspoken competitiveness of the consumer nature of the holidays. Who has more lights? Bigger parties? More presents under the tree? But this is not what the holidays are meant to be about. It's about creating connections and memories with your family and kids. Arie... View Post
  • How to Access More Gratitude

    In order to genuinely feel gratitude, sometimes you need to address and clear out what’s blocking you from feeling it in the first place. Sadly, in our swipe and like culture, competition and comparison are on the rise. It’s no secret that social media creates an addictive cycle of short-term dop... View Post