• Let's talk about Female body anatomy!

    As Mother's Day approaches, it's a time to celebrate the women who nurture, and guide us and reflect on the history of the over-medicalization of birth and the female body anatomy. In our modern age, where medical interventions often dominate the birthing process, it's crucial to acknowledge the ... View Post
  • Unwrap Fun & Learn: 10 Irresistible Holiday Gift Baskets for All!

    Table of Contents: Holiday Gifts Baskets for Moms 1. Mom's Relaxation Retreat 🌿🛁: 2. Empowering Intimates Set 💋🎁: Holiday Gifts Baskets for Tweens 1. Empowering Statement Keychain 🗝️💪 2. Period Kit for Tweens 🌸👜: 3. Interactive Short Online Course 🖥️📚 Holiday Gifts Baskets... View Post
  • Thanksgiving Holiday 2023: Building relationships, Connection & Consent

    Table of Contents: Teaching Consent and Body Anatomy: In-Person Connections vs. Social Media Separation: The Strength of Community: Combatting Isolation by Taking it Offline: As the air turns crisp and the aroma of roasting holiday feasts fill the air, the opportunity to build meaningfu... View Post
  • What is puberty for girls? Explaining Body Changes

    Table of Contents: What is puberty for girls all about? What Physical Changes Happen During Puberty?        Breast Development Body Hair Vaginal Discharge Periods Increase in Height Wider Hips Other Common Changes Puberty often begins earlier than parents think―especi... View Post
  • The Back-to-School List: Must-Have for Preschoolers,Tweens & to their Moms

    Table of Contents: Back-to-School List for Preschoolers: Back-to-School List for Tweens: Back-to-School List for Moms: It’s back to school time and kids across the country are preparing for a new year of science, language, and math classes. But there’s another course that lays a healthy found... View Post
  • Internet Danger: Child Protection Tips

    Table of Contents: 7 Internet Danger (Online Porn): Child Protection Tips 1. Open Communication and Education 2. Age-Appropriate Online Content 3. Teach Digital Literacy and Critical Thinking 4. Supervise Online Activities 5. Establish Internet Rules and Boundaries  6. Enc... View Post
  • Pride Month 2023: Rage & Resilience

    Table of Contents: Pride Month 2023: How It Started Rainbow Flag Flies Celebrate Pride 2023 With Us!  We hope you have already dusted off your rainbow flags and are celebrating pride month!  MLY proudly supports this month-long celebration to recognize and support LGBTQ rights and honor the ... View Post
  • 3 Important Sex Positive Parenting Lessons

    Table of Contents: 1. Communication is key 2. Have a plan to talk about Conception & Consent. A. Covering conception (a.k.a. Where do babies come from?) B. Discussing Consent  3. Challenge gender stereotypes How gender stereotypes affect children We’ve talked to hundreds... View Post