Yoni Magic: The Best S*X Ed book for Kids

Are you looking for some sex ed book for kids? If yes, then Yoni Magic is the perfect resource to start. The Yoni book series is a groundbreaking book series to help parents prepare their kids with comprehensive sex ed. This sex ed 10 book series provides doctor-approved information on a variety of topics that are vital to healthy development that you can’t count on in schools to provide. These books are for kids from ages 5 - 13.


Why is important to talk to your kids about Sex?

Talking with your kids about sex is important to help them understand sexual health and development, and learn about how to be more responsible in their sexual behavior.

There are only 17 states that require medically accurate information. Only seven states require covering topics like sex education, and only nine states cover LGBTQ+ in the curriculum. Since 1982, the federal government has spent over $2 billion on Abstinence-only-until-marriage education. Over 20 years of research proves that these programs are not only ineffective but can even be harmful to kids. Kids who aren't being taught about sex by their schools often go online to get information. Pornography is what they seek out most often.

In 2013, an analysis of research from around the world suggests that anywhere between 43% to 99% of kids have seen porn with their first exposure often happening at around 10 to 11 years of age. Parents should talk to their kids about sex and teach them the correct information. This will help them feel more comfortable in their body, be more prepared for healthy relationships and establish boundaries with other people.

Sex education should be more than just talking about reproduction. It should include everything related to sexuality. It does not end with one big talk but rather, it's a continuous conversation about sexuality, and as they grow older we can elaborate and introduce other concepts. It often begins with anatomy lessons during toddler years and learning about consent at early childhood age. Once your child reaches the next childhood stage, certain topics such as self-pleasure, gender identity are added according to their age and level of development.


The Best Sex Ed book series

We all know how hard it is to talk to your kids about sex, often because parents haven’t been equipped with the most accurate information themselves. With the help of OBGYN, sex educator, and licensed psychologist partners, we’ve put together Yoni Magic, a 10 Sex Ed book series to put the empowering education directly into parents’ hands. This series includes a variety of topics from natural wonders of female and male anatomy to gender identity and diversity that were written and illustrated in a shame-free free format.  


  • Yoni Magic: The Amazing Truth 
    My Little Yoni explains the natural wonder of female anatomy. As a vagina superhero, she's here to help you bust vulva shame by telling you the facts.
    Ages: 3 - 5+

  • Yoni Magic: The Spectacular Truth
    A companion book to Yoni Magic: The Amazing Truth, detailing assigned male anatomy. This book introduces kids' body confidence while teaching them accurate, assigned-male anatomy.
    Ages: 3 - 5+

  • Yoni Magic: A New Baby is Coming
    A book about pregnancy, learning to process your emotions, and becoming an older sibling.
    Ages: 3 - 5+

  • Yoni Magic: Creating Life
    A book about how babies are made. It takes the parent's dreaded question of ‘where do babies come from?’ and turns it into a fun and informational book for kids!
    Ages: 5+

  • Yoni Magic: Loving LGBTQ+
    A book about the LGBTQ+ community and sexual identity. It shows parents that talking to your kids about sexual diversity doesn’t have to be overwhelming. This book allows kids to learn about the complexity of sexuality, in an easily digestible way.
    Ages: 5+

  • Yoni Magic: Breaking the Binary
    A book about gender identity and diversity. It takes the often-ignored topic of gender and helps kids make sense of it, encouraging them to be proud of their own identity.
    Ages: 5+

  • Yoni Magic: What's the 'M' Word?
    What's the 'M' Word? gives your kids accurate, OBGYN approved, information on an under-discussed topic. Teaching our daughters early that their bodies are their own to explore is vital to healthy sexual development
    Ages: 6+

  • Yoni Magic: Beyond the Birds & the Bees
    A book that details partner sex and how to have healthy relationships. It normalizes sex while giving tips and tools to help kids understand the aspects of healthy sexual relationships.
    Ages: 7+

  • Yoni Magic: All About Consent
    A book that teaches young kids about the importance of consent, communication, and boundaries in everyday life and intimate relationships.
    Ages: 7+

  • Yoni Magic: The Power of Periods
    A book by shame-busting vagina superhero, My Little Yoni, covers an important overview of the menstrual cycle, making it both accurate and fun.
    Ages: 9+