Feel More Pleasure With "Micro Moments"

Micro-moments of Pleasure 


So you want to experience more pleasure! In the bedroom and in general. Well, without adding anything to your hectic schedule, you can start bringing more juice into your life right away by noticing “micro-moments” of pleasure that are already happening. 

Please consider right now how often you put a  <stop> to small moments of enjoyment in regular life? 

How often do you stop your pleasure? Why does this happen? Maybe it's because it doesn't feel appropriate in a moment, or maybe because anxious thoughts are coming in, or the to-do list, etc.  

Last night I was having dinner and was thinking about the huge list of things I have to do. My mind was wandering and I was just in auto-pilot as I ate. 

Luckily I caught myself and realized I was completely missing the pleasure of the food I was eating! That might seem really simple, but part of bringing more pleasure into your life is catching yourself in those micro-moments where you might otherwise be distracted or preventing the natural enjoyment of the moment. 

Just calling yourself back into presence, whether it's through breath, through tasting your food sensually, or through smelling a flow and really taking in your environment through your senses as you take a walk, can anchor you with more pleasure in your day to day life.   

The idea of pleasure includes everything from the erotic and cultivating orgasmic potential all the way to these more subtle micro-moments during your daily activities. One thing you might ask yourself is “How can I experience more pleasure today in five minutes or less?" Is it touching yourself with more presence in your morning shower, melting into the sensation of the water caressing you? Is it taking a five-minute break to focus on deep breathing between meetings? Is it pausing to enjoy a word free conversation as you eye gaze with your lover? Is it slowing down to savor a cup of tea as you gaze out a window?   

When it comes to experiencing more pleasure, is five minutes enough to make a difference? The answer is yes, as long as there's consistency and you show up for it. Pleasure is a gift. And learning to receive more of it on a regular basis enables you to show up with more joy in your life. 

Take My Little Yoni with you everywhere and let her remind you to stop and smell the roses!


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