Build Confidence With Vagina Dance

Free your body and build confidence vagina dance.


Dance classes are great.


They can be an amazing way to connect to ourselves, let off steam and straight up celebrate life.

However, too often it is actually the case that they make us feel disconnected from our own bodies.

Most girls rarely cultivate their own natural rhythm or their own unique expression before they get a teacher telling them how to do it the right and wrong ways.

And we learn to squeeze ourselves into forms (and clothes, and roles) that may not fit, as a result.

Rather than allowing our natural expression to create shapes that are uniquely ours, we try and mold ourselves into what the world finds acceptable.

Which can lead to a life of proving and pleasing other, a life of exhaustion, burnout and in the worst cases regret.

Learning to express the natural rhythms and flows of our bodies and the natural ways they want to move, is an essential part of claiming our independence and power as women in the world.

The more connected we are to our bodies, the more connected we become to ourselves.

The more we allow for our natural movement expression, the more we own our voice expression.

The the more connected to our bodies’s intuition we become, the more sensual pleasure we can begin to feel.

Liberating our inner most expression through dance can lead to more confidence, connection, intimacy, pleasure in the body and greater health, longevity and vitality.

So how do we do it?

Simple. Let pussy lead.

Stand in silence for a few minutes and connect to your vulva.

Breathe into her and really feel her. Pop on one of your all time favorite tracks…and WAIT.

Wait until She moves you. Let the movement fill your body, before you fill the movement.

Once your body starts to move, then let your vulva lead you on a search for pleasure within the dance.

Move in the ways that make you feel good, that make you feel the most alive, the most sexy and the most free.


Let yourself stretch, shake, stand still, scream, should… Let yourself beat your chest, or the ground…

Let yourself jump, twirl, kick, roll around, swap your hips, hump the air…

Whatever feels good.

Just let Yoni lead the way.

Sometimes it can be hard to get into this natural flowing movement.

If the is the case, take a pause, then consciously and intentionally do some form of movement that feels ridiculous or crazy.

Thrash around on the ground, beat a pillow, whip your hair back and forth, flail around with no control.

Anything that helps you disrupt your brains conscious control of your movement.

Performing a wild or crazy movement helps break the patterning within your brain that says “no you can’t move like that,” which helps support the flow of free, unhindered, natural movement.

You can even try sounding if you are in a place where you feel safe to do that.

Try letting out a primal scream or yell or a wail or even a cry if that is available.

Sounding from the body also liberates the natural movement of the body.

And keep returning to your Yoni.

Keep asking her to guide you, keep putting your trust in her, she will never steer your wrong.

This helps you establish a stronger connection to her, to your femininity and to your body over all.

The body holds one very powerful key to our confidence.

When we feel strong, connected and in touch with our physical selves, everything else follows.

The more we can tune into what our bodies are saying, the better care we can take of them the longer, healthier, happier more connected lives we will lead.