10 Reasons to Thank Your Yoni This Month

1. Every Yoni is Beautiful.  
Like a great work of art, vulvas are each unique, gorgeous masterpieces. And for centuries, Yonis have been literal inspirations great artwork, serving as creative muses for all sorts of artists like sculptors and painters. You can walk into a museum and see dozens and dozens of Yonis. Hundreds! I bet there’s 1,000 Yonis on display at the Met right now.  And it doesn’t stop with Yonis you see. You can listen to songwriters make music about #YoniMagic. Take Janelle Monae’s popular song “Pynk.” It’s clearly all about pretty, beautiful vaginas.  
2. Yonis are Magical 
Yonis give us an amazing connection to the Yoniverse! They have so many yonique, mysterious superpowers.  You can defeat shame monsters and spread positivity with the power of Yoni pride. They can stretch 3 times their normal amount during childbirth, clean themselves, AND allow us to feel amazing pleasure. Yonis are magical AF. 

3. Yonis gives LIFE. 
Lots of Yonis are capable of giving life by birthing a baby. Yonis bring life to the world – yours, mine, and the whole chain of ancestors! Vulvas are the portal to the Yoniverse AND the universe. While not every Yoni will push out a baby in her lifetime, it is pretty amazing that a Yoni can even try or be capable of this IF SHE CHOOSES. 

4. Yonis Self-Clean! 
As far as upkeep goes, your Yoni has got it covered. Sure, you’ll probably still want to wash with warm water and a gentle washcloth, but Yoni’s can still be low maintenance. Never use soap on your Yoni. She self-cleans! Thanks Yoni for making shower time all about the yummy feels and not about stress or hassle. 

5. Yonis give PLEASURE. 
You must say a big thank you for how good Yoni feels when you play with her. Try saying thank you to your Yoni by enjoying some self-pleasure every week. When Yoni isn’t working hard defeating shame monsters, sometimes she likes to kick up her feet and have some much-deserved fun. Taking time for self-pleasure feels good, decreases stress, increases endorphins, and is considered a positive practice for your sexual health. Not only are we thankful for pleasure, but your Yoni is too!  

6. Yonis have great rhythm. 
Just like Beyoncé, Yoni is always on beat. Female bodies follow daily, monthly, and seasonal hormonal rhythms. Just like how you have your morning and nighttime routines, so does your Yoni. Every day she self-cleans. Every month she might bleed. She even syncs up with the moon cycles! Proof that Yonis are truly out of this world. Each Yoni makes her own schedule so your Yoni may have a slightly different rhythm or routine than your friend’s Yoni. Remember, each Yoni is yonique and has her own special voice. She communicates important messages about your body’s health through her rhythms, and if you try to listen carefully to your Yoni, you will take better care of her. 

7. (O)RGASMS. 
This one should be shout from the peaks of the Yoniverse. THANK YOU FOR ORGASMS, YONI! A Yoni can experience pleasure and sometimes that leads to orgasm. There are many different kinds – clitoral, penetrative, cervical combination clitoral & penetrative, and the list DOES go on. Yonis can ejaculate (ok urethra!) AND they can have multiple orgasms, back-to-back. Talk about stamina! Thank you Yoni, for the chance to feel such great, sometimes explosive pleasure on our own, with a toy or with someone we trust. Yoni loves orgasms just as much as #YoniLovesConsent. 

8. A Force of Nature 
Everything Yoni does is natural. The way she bleeds. The way she smells. Even her shape! You may have seen with your ‘Yoni vision,’ some elements in nature that remind you of your Yoni. Was that an oyster in a shell or a Yoni swimming in the sea? Even some flowers look like Yonis. Have you ever seen an orchid or a red lily flower up close? They carry the same majestic natural beauty as every Yoni in the #Yoniverse. Mother Nature must have been inspired by gorgeous, colorful yonis when she made those pretty flower petals. Thank you for helping us see ourselves in nature, Yoni! 

9. Yonis are smart 
Did you know your Yoni connects to your brain? Not only is she gorgeous, fun, powerful, super magical and life giving, she is absolutely a genius. Your Yoni connects to your brain through your nervous system meaning your Yoni communicates with your brain all the time. She sends signals from your pelvic region to your brain to tell you when something feels good, when something hurts, or when she is excited.   

10. We Wouldn’t be here without Yonis 
Your body goes through transformations constantly, but none quite as constant as the Yoni! Your menstrual cycle means your body is constantly going through different phases, and Yoni rolls with the punches and helps you regulate it. Furthermore, she’s there for you when your body changes through pregnancy and post-partum. Finally, through menopause, your Yoni changes again! She’s a little shape-shifter, always there for us through whatever phase of our lives we are going through.   

Nobody in the whole #yoniverse could exist without yonis. Think about it. Everyone, who has ever lived, has to thank a Yoni for just that! Yonis create and birth life, and that’s something to be grateful for and inspired by.