Meet Lil Yo’

Once upon a time...

There was a young woman.

She found herself feeling disconnected and confused about her body and the changes she was experiencing.

She had been searching for what was honest, open and beautiful in the world. She knew she wanted to make a difference… and have FUN doing it!

Still, she found herself stuck in the “same old story.” Everywhere she looked, she saw women struggling to say no, experiencing shame and self-blame, feeling embarrassed, lonely and immense pressure to perform for their romantic partners

On the outside, she felt unable to talk openly.

Which often made her feel embarrassed and confused.

“Gosh” she thought “It’s just plain wrong that girls become women without knowing about self-pleasure or the beauty of their vaginas.”

One day, a magical superhero from another galaxy paid her a visit

“I come bearing tales of a new way of being!” announced the colorful creature My Little Yoni. “I am from the Yoniverse, where women & girls are confident, open and joyous because they love themselves. In the Yoniverse, we have transcended taboos, and everyone feels empowered to experience the natural gift of pleasure!”

Wow! The girl had never heard anything like that. Was she really allowed to love herself so freely? Could she talk about this without feeling shame?

My Little Yoni was playful and honest. “I GET IT!!!” she said.

“Getting to know your yoni can be embarrassing and even scary. Partners. Periods. Self-pleasure. Pregnancy. Pubic hair. STD’s. Vibrators. Miscarriage. Menopause. There’s a whole world of topics that women & girls have to deal with that no one wants to talk about.”

“But the embarrassment ends now,” cheered My Little Yoni, “because the world is ready to join the movement of Yoni Pride worldwide.”

And so the girl said yes.


To a life of confidence, feeling empowered in her choices.


To accepting her own sexual pleasure, and engaging in both positive sexual experiences and intimate & respectful partnerships.


to talking about all the stuff she was formerly embarrassed about.

And yes…

to a life of making it safe for other women to do the same.

She spared herself unpleasant partner experiences, she stepped around shame, and she prevented the toxic relationships and self-sabotage that comes with having an unhealthy relationship with her womanhood.

And through her example and a cultural wave of pleasure-powered women everywhere, the world changed for the better.

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Yoni = Vulva as the Gateway to Life

The world is built by words.

Without words we would live in a very different world.

Our words tell our story.

We want to see the word Yoni become the ubiquitous term for vulva/vagina because it tells a story we can be proud of.

The word Yoni, which comes from ancient Sanskrit, translates to “Sacred Gateway.” It’s also fun to say!

If reality gets built on the words we use, let’s choose ones that lift us up!


My Little Yoni