Marching To Be Heard

The Womens March is upon us again and I for one am incredibly excited! My history with the womens march dates back to 3 years ago when I went to my first Womens March in Santa Cruz CA, where I was attending college. My friends and I had all decided we needed to march, and rather than drive 3 hours to go to San Francisco, we decided to pocket the change and march in downtown Santa Cruz. I'd never seen so many people all in one place! The energy was electric and I couldnt believe that so many people came to join the march in what is considered a small city. I saw young and old, all genders, nationalities, and religions all banding together to support Womens rights, HUMAN rights.  

It reminded me how powerful a community is when we all band together towards the common good. When we all realize that we must fight together, we become a huge force for change. Its uplifting in so many ways, and it was especially for me. I was jaded and upset with the world, but seeing so many people marching for womens rights, for my rights, gave me a sense of hope.  

Marching is a long-stood form of protest. From the suffragettes marching to get votes for women, to the civil rights movement where Martin Luther King Jr. marched on Washington D.C., this form of protest has allowed for positive change and an outlet where people can be seen and heard.  

I now work for a company that daily works towards making women feel seen and heard. We strive to create a world where women are comfortable and knowledgeable of their bodies, where everyone knows they are normal! Attending the Womens March this year has taken on a whole new meaning for me because I am in a position where Im trying to highlight female experiences constantly. Attending the march this year is an honor and holds much more weight than I expected. My Little Yoni is run by women to help women, and will ultimately help everyone! The great honor I have is to take what Ive learned at My Little Yoni and go to the march and share this knowledge.  

When prompted to write this piece, I thought to myself, why do I march? I come from a family of immigrants, who have experienced injustices aplenty. I come from a strong lineage of women, who have taught me to have conviction and fight for what I believe is right. I come from a mixed family, that doesn’t always agree on politics, but we love and fight for each other no matter what. I march for my family, I march to show my community I’m here for them, I march to prove that women cannot and will not be ignored, and I march to stand up for equal rights and human rights. But most importantly, I march to use my voice! 

Even if you are not marching this weekend, I hope you still use your voice to fight for what you believe is right. Democracy is nonexistent if the people are not expressing their beliefs! So march with me in spirit this weekend, as I attend the Los Angeles Women’s March, and be sure to make your voice count. Follow us live at @mylittleyoni and check our stories – they'll be lit! 

- Sydney, Content Lead @ My Little Yoni

Image credit: @yara_michels