How to Access More Gratitude

In order to genuinely feel gratitude, sometimes you need to address and clear out what’s blocking you from feeling it in the first place.

Sadly, in our swipe and like culture, competition and comparison are on the rise. It’s no secret that social media creates an addictive cycle of short-term dopamine hits often followed by some sort of emotional crash (anyone ever feel depressed after scrolling other peoples’ highlight reels?)

And even if you know it’s not good for you, it’s hard to turn away! There’s always a reason to stay connected: ‘that’s how I keep up with my friends!’ ‘I need it for work.’ ‘I’m going to get internet famous too!’ In fact, social media has been compared to the ‘fast food of relationships’ providing empty calories when what you really need is deeper, more authentic connection. The best thing for your work is probably eliminating distractions. And if you think about the reality of it, who actually wants to be famous anyway?

Now look, this isn’t a rant simply to diss all social media… this is a post about gratitude. And how to clear the blocks to gratitude.

The number one thing you can do to access more gratitude in your life for what you already have is to clear out comparisons this holiday season. Comparison is the killer of joy – and a blocker to gratitude!

It just so happens that social media is the main source of comparison these days, so we recommend you either take a social media detox for a few days over Thanksgiving or at the very least bring more awareness to your social media habits. Are you using social media to reaffirm the negative stories you carry about yourself? When you get off your device do you feel more connected with yourself or are shame monsters running a muck in your mind?

Whether you are active on social media or a brave soul who stays away, the recommendation this month is the same: look for areas in your life where you are trapped by comparisons and bring in more self-appreciation instead. So much of this comes down to where you place your attention! Even if there are billions of dollars, the most brilliant marketing minds and millions of fellow humans all marching to the beat of unchecked comparison and consumer culture… it doesn’t mean you need to follow the herd!

One of the main reasons we created My Little Yoni is to help redirect your attention back to yourself, back to playfulness and back to original creativity. And ya – your Yoni is a source of all of that and MORE.

Sometimes you need to clear out comparison to naturally feel gratitude… and sometimes you need to summon gratitude to help slay distractions.

Next time you catch yourself taking a ride with the shame monsters and falling into the trap of comparison, in that moment of noticing, mentally (or out loud!) say ‘STOP.’ In the next moment take a couple deep breaths and find something in the present moment you can genuinely be grateful for. Is it the fact that you just RECLAIMED your attention and that makes you a badass boss witch? Is it that breathing deeper feels good? Is it the sunlight shining in through the window? Is it that you are committed to forming a deeper relationship with yourself? Find something to be grateful for and either say it out loud and/or write it down. While we invite you to practice daily gratitude for yourself first and foremost this month, you can also send voice memos of love and gratitude to your friends & family. You’d be surprised how far a personal message goes! Skip the likes and double down on more personal connection this month.

Finally, as you catch yourself when you’re doing the comparison thing and you consistently bring yourself back to more presence… you’ll find that feeling gratitude becomes more natural.

This is what happens when you start focusing on what you have and the goodness that’s already inside of you.

If comparison is the killer of joy, than appreciating who you are and what you already have is the amplifier for joy.

Growth and gratitude comes from a foundation of self-sufficiency and the daily practice of honoring that you are already enough.

We wish you joy & genuine gratitude this holiday season!


Xx My Little Yoni