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Last week, an article written by MLY founder was published in the International Business Times discussing the state of S3x Education in America and how we can help end the stigma.

Ariel also sat down with Mimosas with Moms, to talk about her mission to create systemic change at the root level. Together they help make the sensitive subject matter easier to navigate for listeners. 

If there are topics you want addressed, shoot us an email with suggestions!  Or if you want to lead a community book drive to bring our groundbreaking book series to disadvantaged youth, please email

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Sex-ed in America is Broken. We cannot fix it without removing its stigma


Sex education in America is crippled with a pulsing Victorian hangover. Today, less than half of American States mandate sexual education, and even fewer require that it is medically accurate. This only leaves pornography to fill in the gaps. 

International Business Times - click here 

Making Sex-Ed Easier with Ariel Saint White

Are you needing some guidance to talk to your kids about sex-ed? ⁠Then this episode is for you.

Listen to Ariel Saint as she talks about the importance of early sex education. 


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Yoni Magic: Resource to Support "The Talk"

We are featured by S3x Positive Families as one of the resources to support "The Talk". 

Yes, it is possible for you to have the “The Talk” with your kids. Our Yoni Magic series is a groundbreaking book series to help parents prepare their kids with comprehensive sex ed.