Yoni Magic: 10 Book Bundle

Order the entire 10 books, doctor-approved, sex ed series! Enjoy the entire series, covering a variety of topics including consent, periods, self-pleasure, healthy relationships, LGBTQ+, gender identity, and more!

"For some people, shame surrounding their body can be somewhat of default and can sneak up on even the most seemingly unabashed. I can't help but think about how much these books could have comforted my confused and scared younger self, who really didn't feel like her body belonged to her and only her. My personal experiences with sex/body-related shame were a big part of the reason I decided I wanted to go to medical school, and I can't wait to refer patients and their families to these books." 

- Rainey Horwitz, MD Student (@sexplained.med) 

Yoni Magic Book Series: 


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